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The Big News

When I came home for lunch today, my wife had something to show me.

She hands me a pregnancy test.

I look at it, and I ask “What does this mean?” Of course I know what it means, but I need to let it sink in. She shows me the lines, and how two lines mean yes. I ask “Well, couldn’t this be wrong?” She smiles and says she already got it verified by the doctor. Apparently someone has had a busy morning.

At this point she decides to ask a stupid question, too. “Are you excited?”

“Am I excited? Of course I’m excited, I’m ecstatic!!”

A whole new world is starting up for us now. The funny part is, I realize now that I’ve been waiting for it for a while now. It’s the next step for us, and the Wife and I are in a good place to start a family. I won’t be foolish and say we’re ready, but we are ready to give it everything we’ve got.

For better and worse, I’ve started this blog to chronicle this journey.

The Big News