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CincyDaddy Goes to the Gyno

CincyMommy had an appointment today. Since I’m trying to be the involved father, I tagged along. I’ll take every chance I can get to be part of this pregnancy thing. Well it turned out that this visit wasn’t so much about the baby as it was about CincyMommy. Yep it was a regular old routine checkup.

Needless to say I felt a bit awkward. CincyMommy didn’t seem to mind, and the doctor didn’t have a problem, so I stuck it out. It was a little odd to say the least. But it got even stranger when the doctor asked if his intern could come in, too! It was like a little party in that exam room. Or maybe it was more like an orgy, what with everyone’s hands all over CincyMommy.

The doctor would exam her, and then say to the intern “OK, put your hand right there…No, here…Do you feel that? Yes…OK that’s her vagina” No I’m kidding, it was obviously some more specific part, but what do I know? Breasts and vagina. That’s the extent of my female anatomy lesson.

In the end, I came away with a new found respect for what ladies have to go through on a regular basis. I promise not to complain when it comes time for my prostate exam. That’s nothing compared to what you gals go through during every checkup.




Yes, world, we have a speck!

Our first sonogram was today. I thought all sonograms were done on the belly area, but apparently when the baby is this small you have to get up close and personal. Very personal. But that’s a small price to pay (especially for me) to see our unborn child. Well, kind of see. The nurse told us that speck on the screen is it. I have my doubts, but she seemed to know what she was doing.

As you can see our child is already a whopping 5mm long at 6 weeks. The depressing part is this is the picture we have to show everyone when we make THE ANNOUNCEMENT. That speck is not that thrilling. But the idea behind the speck is great!

Speaking of the announcement, we will be waiting a little while. Just to be sure everything is OK with CincyMommy and the baby. We’ve had some bad luck in the past. But I’ll save that for another post. For now bask in the glory of Speck!