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I don’t know if I was the first to think of this or if a lot of couples work this way. I like to have a couple stores, or websites, that only I know about. Stores where I can get wonderful, unique presents for my wife and she’ll never be able to figure out where I got them. I think of it as hiding treasure for later recovery. They’re so secret that I tend to keep them completely to myself. However, I’ve found a new website that I think must be exposed to as many people as possible. Its so wonderful that I have to share it, instead of keeping it like a secret.

That site is

Right off the bat, I’ll admit that I have no idea what the name means, but lets move right past that. Etsy is basically a place for people who appreciate handmade products to buy and sell beautiful handmade products. There are crafts in almost any niche you can think of. And I only say almost, because I’m sure some smarty-pants out there could think of something.

In addition to crafts themselves, the site design is also beautiful and well-crafted. They’ve created fun ways to browse items, such as a browse by color option, or a browse by the most recently added items. The color option is particularly fun because you never know what you’ll get (except that it will be that color). Of course you can still search via categories or keywords. And as with all things Web 2.0, all items are tagged profusely.

Etsy has become my new secret weapon for finding the perfect gift. I hope you can find something too.


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