New Babies Cause Stress?

I just read through this wonderful post over at Ask Moxi. It’s all about how the stress of a new baby will totally drop a bomb on your marital relationship. As of yet, I hadn’t really thought about that, and it was good to get a heads up.

I spend so much time thinking about what the baby will be like, that I don’t spend any time thinking how the baby will change what CincyMommy and I are like. Apparently we’ll have exactly zero time to deal with our own issues once the little Speck makes his/ her appearance. With that said the post goes over some suggestions on how to ease the stress, and in true blogosphere fashion the comments are a goldmine for more good advice.

I’m definitely glad I read it.


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  1. Lainey-Paney on

    For us, it was the sleepless nights.
    That magnifies EVERY little issue that arises.
    Tired, grumpy, and completely at a loss for what the baby needed & when!

    It will change your world.
    It will make your fall even more deeply in love with your wife. I can say that with certainty, and she will feel the same. Forever indebted to one another for this little miracle you’ve both created.


  2. CincyDaddy on


    That makes me feel a lot better. Thanks! More love is always good.

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