Quick To-Do List

I just realized I’m missing the following important items: a will, life insurance, and power of attorney.

Oh shit…

I suppose this realization is the beginning of thinking about the Speck above all else. Up to now, it wasn’t too big a deal if I keeled over. Sure CincyMommy would be a little put out probably, but give her a few weeks and she’d be back to normal. But now, well soon, there will be a helpless child who probably doesn’t want to live in the poor house if I happen to get wiped out going to the grocery store.

With that said, I’m not sure where to start. Obviously I’ve never gotten a will before, or even talked to a lawyer. Do I actually need a lawyer? And I don’t know much about life insurance, except that folks usually get it before they die mysteriously. It’s all a little confusing. I suppose I should get used to having no idea what I’m doing. Comes with the fatherhood territory, right?

Any suggestions for good references?


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