Begin the Buying!

We are a consumer’s nation. I know this, and yet I can’t quite fathom the spending spree that has already begun.

This child will put me in the poor house, won’t it? The more I think about all of the things she’ll need, the more I can’t imagine how we’ll pay for it. Basically we have to provide everything. She comes out naked and hungry, and that about sets the tone from then on. Feed me, clothe me, protect me, entertain me, educate me. Sheez!

On the other hand, at this early stage we can actually decide (somewhat) how my money gets spent. For now we can choose the clothes, the toys, the books, and basically everything else in her world. That won’t last forever.

The first thing we picked out was this whimsical bedding set.  We’re going for a nursery rhyme theme, so it will work perfectly. Best of all it has a cute little humpty dumpty pillow like the one I  had when I was a kid. My mom will tell you that I loved him to death. She even says I thought about taking him to college. I don’t recall that, but hey you never know. I bought the set from because they were the cheapest. They said the shipping time could be 3 weeks, but we ended up getting it in less than 1 week. Being our first baby purchase, we were ecstatic when it came so much earlier than expected. It’s perfect!

We also picked up a used high chair. My wife liked the idea of an old wooden high chair like her mom’s. I didn’t have a preference, so we started scouring the local used baby stores. (Baby stores that sell used goods, not stores that sell used babies). We found one in pretty good shape, and it will look a lot better in our house than some huge plastic monstrosity.

So, so far I’m feeling pretty good about all the purchases. Next up on my list is this little gadget, the iCrib. Might as well instill a love for gadgetry straight from the get-go, right?


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  1. dear wife on

    Yeah even if you go the low tech route that we are there is a lot of stuff. It is amazing how someone so small will use so much stuff. We were also set on a wooden high chair and were amazed at how long it took as to find one that did not cost an arm and a leg. Ours was also purchased at a baby consignment store (Along with most of his clothes). Good luck on the search for baby gear.

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