New Priorities

I’ve just realized I’m becoming a completely new person because of this baby. Well, more specifically my outlook on life has changed. I’m starting to care about things I never did before.

Like politics. Sure, I voted in presidential elections, but I never really thought about politics or who stood for what, or any of that. Now with the recent mid-term elections I’ve learned that I care. I care a lot. I actually studied the issues and had heated discussions, and got very pissed about all the shady electronic voting machines. This is all very new to me.

Like the environment. I never actively tried to hurt the earth (no littering, dumping stuff in sewers, etc.). But I also never made an effort to lessen my impact on the environment. Now I find myself researching my county’s recycling program, and looking into environmentally friendly baby products (like gDiapers).

Once I realized that I really had changed my thinking on a lot of things, I started to wonder why. I think it boils down to bringing this child into this broken, messed up world. When it was just me, and then me and CincyMommy, I didn’t much care about the rest of the world. I knew what I had, and what my life was all about. As long as everything was going OK, then I was OK.

But now…Now I don’t know what my little girl is going to do, or where she’s going to go. And I want to try to make the world a good place for her, no matter what she decides to do. I guess that’s a little crazy, but I can’t stop myself from trying.


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