The Countdown has Begun

Well, we’re not really close, but we are going to the doctor every 2 weeks instead of every 4 now. A little more than 7 weeks to go.

We haven’t even started the nursery, but I’m not concerned. When CincyMommy’s family gets moving, they get things done fast. I’m talking “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” kind of fast. Let me share an example.

When most people move into a new house it takes a few weeks (maybe months) to unpack all the boxes and get everything into a good place. With the help of the family we took 3 days! Yes, 3 days after moving in it looked like we had lived there for 5 years. It was amazing. Everyone just picks a job and gets it done, and with 30 or so people that’s a lot of jobs getting done. Of course that also means very little oversight. I’m still wondering where some of my kitchen utensils are. I’m sure they’re somewhere that seemed “right” to someone.

We also did the baby registry thing. Boy that was a little nerve-racking. All I kept thinking was “Is this the best ‘x’ available?” And how can you know? It’s impossible to pick out the best version of everything. No matter how much research I do, I’ll always run across one or two bad reviews and that will make me rethink everything I’ve read. But we made our choices, and hopefully they’re good ones. No one would make a product that was inherently dangerous, right? So we couldn’t have picked anything too terrible. All the same, I’ve subscribed to the  Consumer Product Safety Commissions recall feed just in case.


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