I’m a trend setter

It seems that I’m the trendsetter in my family. My brother can’t seem but to follow in my illustrious footsteps. And that’s odd, too considering that I’m the younger brother.

Growing up I’ll admit that I always thought my brother was cooler than me. He had more friends, and seemed to do more cool things than I ever did. But now the tables have turned and I’m leading the pack.

Basically it boils down to the fact that I grew up before him. While he was still out partying and “being young”, I was knuckling down and getting a job, getting married, buying a house, and starting a family. I’d like to think that being beat to the punch by his little brother got him to thinking about his own future. Once he heard that I was engaged he realized that making big life decisions might not be that scary after all. So it broke down like this: I got engaged, then he got engaged. He got married, then I got married (only beat me by a couple months). I bought a house, he bought a house. My wife got pregnant, and now his wife is pregnant. Back and forth we go. I think its pretty hilarious. For so many years growing up we never wanted to be the same, and now we can’t seem to help it.


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