Consumer Reports Recalls Their Car Seat Report

Recently Consumer Reports published a study on rear-facing car seats. There was a fairly big brouhaha about it, because nearly every seat failed their side-impact tests. This sent many parents (including CincyMommy and I) into a bit of a panic. How could we have bought this seat? If we get hit in the side our baby is going to go flying through the windshield. That’s not good parenting.

Well, apparently they may not have been using the correct tests.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had a bad feeling about those initial tests. Something just didn’t seem kosher to them. After analyzing the results more completely they found that the tests simulated an impact in excess of 70 mph instead of the 38 mph claimed by Consumer Reports. That is a very big difference.

I must admit I’m pretty disappointed in Consumer Reports. Faulty testing really doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. But at least they are admitting it and are now redoing the tests.


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  1. bonnerrosa1475 on

    i’d like to see ms. salloum make a public comment about accusations that this film contains footage stolen from another filmmaker. if that is true, i Click

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